The Cardinal Spirit Scott County High School's Online Newspaper Thu, 05 Mar 2020 19:10:53 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Rae of Sunshine Touches Many at Scott County High School Thu, 05 Mar 2020 19:10:53 +0000 On Thursday, February 17th, Taylora Schlosser, co-founder of the Rae of Sunshine Foundation, spoke to Scott County High School and told the students her heartfelt story regarding her daughter, Taylor.


Taylor grew up in Springfield, Kentucky and was a sister to her three brothers, Clay, Colton, and Will. She was an energetic and focused young lady who aspired to make everyone she came in contact with smile. In her spare time, she enjoyed spending time with her family and doing activities such as sewing and painting.   


She was double majoring in Integrated Strategic Communications and Digital Media and Design at the University of Kentucky and was a member of the Chi Omega sorority. She was involved in FCCLA throughout her high school career and student government in college. Her sophomore year of college, Taylor was offered an internship at iHeart Radio, where she got to interact with and meet several musical artists. 


Upon returning for her second semester of sophomore year, Taylor took her on life on January 8th, 2019. Her family then decided in honor of her legacy, they would start the Rae of Sunshine Foundation, where Schlosser travels thousands of miles to spread awareness for mental health issues. 


 Amongst the miles she has travelled, was Scott County High School, where students had the opportunity to hear her powerful presentation. She spoke about her daughter’s early life and what activities she was involved in throughout middle and high school and college. Schlosser then described the day she found out her daughter was no longer living. She said that she was about to go to sleep and there was a knock at her door. Schlosser told her husband to go answer the door, but she didn’t think anything of it. She had been texting Taylor earlier that day, with her last text message being “I love you too.” Then, she heard her husband call her name, so she grabbed her robe and headed towards the door to see a policeman standing there. She then was told the devastating news about her daughter. She called her oldest son and told him the news and the following day, he called their close relatives and informed his younger brother.


 A few days after Taylor’s passing, her family decided that they wanted to turn their grief into hope with the Rae of Sunshine Foundation. The name of the foundation was derived because Taylor was always a “ray of sunshine” who radiated positivity and her middle name was “Rae.”


Through the foundation, Taylor’s family has made it their mission to travel to schools, institutions, churches, as well as several other locations to tell Taylor’s story. According to the Rae of Sunshine Foundation, they work “to bring awareness” and “give back” while emphasizing the “importance of mental health issues.”

If you or someone you know is suffering from mental health issues, please contact or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255

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Senior Ads Available Now! Thu, 05 Mar 2020 19:03:33 +0000 Yearbooks are something that a person tends to keep with them for the rest of their life. Whether you’re a parent looking for a way to celebrate your child for years to come or a student that’s worried that without your parents around you’ll forget what you looked like as a baby, we have something for you! 


There are three options for the advertisements: a full page, a half page, or a quarter page. 


The full page ad will be $50. With that, you will be able to showcase four pictures and will have unlimited text. The half page ad will include 2 photos and up to 4 sentences and will be $30. Finally, the quarter page ad will be $15 and will include 1 photo and one sentence. 


Example sentences: 

Congrats on making it to senior year, baby Amelia. We love you very much. 



For more information contact:

Caitlin Bridegam at


Meagan Musick at

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District Press Release Wed, 04 Mar 2020 19:22:18 +0000 Congratulations to Will Schindler and Tristan Carpenter  on their selection to the 2020 Southern Region ACDA Honor Choirs! Over 1,200 singers from 11 states auditioned this year for the honor choirs.  Will and Tristan will represent Scott County Schools GT Music education program and SCHS.  They will participate with the honor choirs in Mobile, AL March 10-14, 2020.  Please mark this as a field trip and allow them to make-up any work that they may miss.  We are proud of Will and Tristan for this outstanding accomplishment!

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A Cool Addition to Scott County High S(c)h(ool) Wed, 04 Mar 2020 19:17:12 +0000  

Q: “What is your current job at SCHS?”


A: “Art Teacher”


Q: “How long have you been teaching?”


A: “6 years.”


Q: “Where did you graduate from high school?”


A: “Oak Hills High School in Cincinnati, OH.”


Q: “Where did you get your degree?”


A: “University of Cincinnati.”


Q: “Where did you teach before you came to Scott County?”


 A: “Dunbar High School.”


Q: “How long did you work at your previous places of employment?”


A: “4 years.”


Q: “What encouraged you to start working at SCHS?”


A: “I needed a new place to work and SCHS was hiring high school art teachers.”


Q: “What inspired you to become a teacher?”


A: “Working as a muralist with high school students while I was in college.”


Q: “What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned from a student?”


A: “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”


Q: “Have you enjoyed your job so far?”


A: “Yes!”


  Q: “What do you enjoy most about teaching?” 


A: “Watching my students discover their talent.” 



Q: “What is one thing that makes SCHS different than any other place you have worked at before?”


A: “It’s so chill!”


Q: “What is your favorite memory at SCHS so far?”


A: “Field trip to the Speed Art Museum.”


Q: “What is the most rewarding part of your job?”


 A: “Everything!”


Q: “What activities do you participate in outside of teaching?”


A: “Boxing, crochet, Roller Derby (retired), and printmaking.”

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People You Should Know: Campton Martin Wed, 26 Feb 2020 19:35:45 +0000 Congratulations to Junior, Campton Martin, for being featured in the Georgetown News-Graphic!

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What You Can Do To Enjoy Your Galentine’s Day Wed, 19 Feb 2020 05:24:10 +0000 Valentine’s Day: for the longest time, it was either a celebration of your significant other or your status as a single. But, thanks to an episode of Parks and Recreation released in 2010, there’s another holiday to celebrate: Galentine’s Day.


Created by the show’s main character, Leslie Knope, Galentine’s Day is every February 13th, on Valentine’s Day Eve (though, some people choose to celebrate on Valentine’s Day). It’s an appreciation day for the friendship between you and your girls, similar to the idea of Friendsgiving, and it’s now celebrated regularly by many women, including both students and staff at Scott County High School.


“Freshman year, my friend Hannah Courtney and I hung out and exchanged gifts during first hour. Sophomore and Junior year we hung out at her house, watched Stranger Things on Netflix, and got gelato at Spots Gelato in Georgetown,” says senior Camryn Cummins about her Galentine’s Day tradition. “You don’t have to do anything too special as long as you have fun.”


And that’s what Galentine’s Day is all about. Despite many companies having already monetized the holiday, the idea of it remains simplistic; you don’t need to go all-out with spending or planning something crazy to make happy memories. Ms. Bridegam, a sophomore English teacher at Scott County High School, recalls how she spent her Galentine’s Day in years past, saying, “When I was in college and had less money, I used to host dinners at my house and theme them around TV shows or movies my friends and I liked. I had a Parks and Rec theme, The Office theme, Friends theme, and Bridesmaids theme.”


So, here are a few ideas for making your Galentine’s Day easy, affordable, and fun:


Have a game night! Board games, card games, video games, or truth-or-dare-esque games are all great ways to have fun with your gals.


“Top recommendation for Galentine’s Day: Be there for your gals! Remember that this day can be about love that isn’t romantic. Turn it into a day about telling your gals how much you appreciate them for making you feel less alone and more loved year-round, even as romantic interests come and go.”

–Rebecca Reeves


Spend your evening marathoning your favorite movies or TV shows.


Spend some quality time with your gals and spill the tea! Get to know what’s going on in each other’s lives.


Go shopping! It’s always great to have your girls give you fashion advice.


Have a fun karaoke night and just jam out.


“Keep it simple and fun! Do something your other single friends enjoy as well that celebrates your friendship and the love you have for each other. A fun idea would be an Anti-Valentine’s Day party where everyone brings/dresses/does the opposite of the stereotypical Valentine’s Day celebration.”

Ms. Bridegam

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day on a Budget Wed, 19 Feb 2020 05:13:36 +0000  

  • Bake and decorate Valentine’s cake or cookies together.


Stay at home together and bake special Valentine’s treats for each other. Your decorated treats can be cute for pictures while you also spend quality time baking with your significant other. Ingredients can be cheap and easy, especially if you get the mixing powder so it is minimal effort if you are not the greatest baker.


  • Build a pillow fort and have a movie marathon.


Pillow forts are cute and comfy while also having a nostalgic feeling from our childhood. You can easily build a fort from the blankets and pillows in your own home and put on a Netflix marathon or go to Disney Plus and stream your favorite Disney movies.


  • Follow Bob Ross painting tutorials together at home.


Bob Ross tutorials are calming and fun, especially when you’re doing it with someone by your side. You don’t need to go out and buy a canvas or his painting cases, a simple piece of paper and cheap acrylic or water paints can supply the same amount of fun for you and your partner.


  • Make a scrapbook for your relationship.


Taking a walk down memory lane is always fun and can bring people together. Spending the night reliving your favorite memories while creating another will only have you buying a cheap scrapbook and having your printed pictures out. If you don’t have the money for this, simply looking over old pictures and videos can still have the same impact on your nostalgia from the beginning of your relationship.


  • Dance together at home.


Dancing around the kitchen or living room with your partner can be fun and cheap while strengthening the bond between you and your s/o. Just put on a record or turn on the radio and have your feet do the rest. 


  • Have a picnic.


Going on a picnic, especially during sunset, can give you and your partner time to relax and enjoy nature while not breaking your bank. Just make a couple of sandwiches with fruit, find a relaxing spot, and you’re good to go.


  • Go on a bike ride or hike.


If you and your partner like to exercise and enjoy nature, going on a bike ride or hike is always a fun, healthy, and affordable way to celebrate Valentine’s. This can be paired with the picnic to create the ultimate cheap outing with your Valentine.


  • Pick out outfits for each other at Goodwill.


Going on a Goodwill date is a fun and playful date for Valentines without spending too much money. All you have to do is go to Goodwill and pick out a surprise outfit for the other, make it as serious or funny as you want. Afterward, you can wear these outfits to a cheap date to a fast food restaurant to wrap up the night.


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Kourtney Roe, A New Teacher With a Passionate Past Tue, 28 Jan 2020 02:55:28 +0000 Q: How long have you been teaching? 

A: “This is my fifth year of teaching.”


Q: What college/university did you graduate from? 

A: “I got my undergrad in political science at Eastern Kentucky University and my masters of arts in secondary teaching at Mississippi State.”


Q: Where did you teach before you came to Scott County?

 A: “I taught at a Christian school and alternative school in Mississippi and Bourbon County.”


Q: What inspired you to become a teacher? 

A: “I like working with kids who are about to make big life decisions to help guide them in the best way possible.” 


Q: What do you enjoy most about teaching? 

A: “I enjoy getting to see kids reach their goals like getting into college, improving their test scores, and advancing to STLP state.”


Q: What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned from a student? 

A: “That no goal is too big.”


Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

 A: “When past kids remember you.”


Q: What is your favorite memory at Scott County so far? 

A: “Going to STLP regions. It was super fun and the kids did great on their presentations. They all scored very well.”


Q: What activities do you participate in outside of teaching?

A: “I play with my really cute kid and I like to crochet and sew. My favorite game to play with Henlee is destruction, where I build up foam blocks and she tears them down.” 




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The Lesser Known Triumphs of Students: Dog Showing Tue, 28 Jan 2020 02:47:35 +0000   Last month, two students from Scott County High School were chosen to attend The AKC National Championship, a dog showing competition held in Florida. Alyeace Geary and Skyelar Williams both came home with recognitions. The American Kennel Club (AKC) is a registry of purebred dog pedigrees in the United States. They promote and hold events for purebred dogs, including the National Championship. Geary showed a Brittany which was chosen as Winner’s Bitch for every day of the competition, totaling 5 days. A Winners Bitch is the best female dog in the entirety of the competition, based on the dog, as well as the presentation shown by the handler. In addition, another Brittany was selected as 2nd Select Dog. The Select Dog is chosen from the best of breed/variety and best of the opposite sex. 


  Both of these students have a past of growing up with dogs. For Alyeace Geary, it was in fourth grade, when she attended a speech given by a 4-H Sponsored Speaker, that sparked a lifelong interest. Not long after, she joined a dog club and has been living and breathing dogs ever since. Now in 10th grade, Geary has continued her passion for working with dogs, attending competitions and providing care for her dogs. Among her canine-caretaking duties are grooming, diet planning, bathing, becoming accustomed to learning the specifics of different breeds, and finally, exercising. Typical exercises for her dogs include running on a treadmill, running outside, and running uphill. Geary typically will run or even bike alongside the dogs as they exercise. 


  Geary says that passion doesn’t come without its difficulties. She said it was difficult to learn how to correctly groom her dogs as there are specific requirements depending on the breed. She also must pay close attention to their food, making sure that they stay in peak condition for competitions. 


  Geary’s dogs include 3 Lab Retrievers, 2 Boston Terriers, and 3 Brittanys, making a total of 8 dogs. Not all of her dogs are still being shown, however. When Geary began showing, she started with the Labs and German Shepherds that her father bred. After around a year or so, she began showing Boston Terriers. The cycle continued; Geary now shows Brittanys. 


  During a competition, show times are randomized. Because of this, competitors are sometimes forced to choose between dogs, and or competitions. They usually make this decision based on how many points each of their pets have. Points are accumulated from competitions and show the prestige of your dog. Points are what sometimes qualify you for certain competitions, such as the Westminster Dog Show. These points reset every year. 


  Geary’s father also showed dogs and bred Basset Hounds, some of which Geary has shown herself in past competitions. Some of the competitions that she has attended include Royal Canin and other competitions in Michigan, Arkansas, and Ohio. 


  Skylear Williams’ Berger Picard is currently ranked #1 in America. She has been invited to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, a high ranking competition. Similar to Geary, Williams also has a past in showing dogs. Presently, she owns or co-owns 10-15 dogs including Labradors and other breeds. Williams’ parents also bred labradors. Most of the dogs she co-owns live in other states including Michigan, Tennessee, and North Carolina. 


  In addition, she co-owns one that lives closer, in Kentucky. At shows, she works for pro-handlers with Labs and Australian Shepherds. Her duties include mostly grooming and caring for the dogs but also showing them at the owner’s request. In addition, she shows her own dogs. 


  Williams includes her two cents for others by saying that “it’s a learning experience” but encourages people to “ definitely jump into it” if there is interest. She makes note of the fact that there are “so many scholarships and opportunities” available to people who show dogs. 


  Williams encourages students to reach out to her or to find a 4-H dog club to find more information. Geary, too, says that dog showing is “really confusing for outsiders” but that, if you are interested, there are “places in Lexington and Louisville to spectate and learn.” To learn more, you can also visit the following website:


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Scott County High School’s 2020 Begins with Notable Student Achievement Tue, 28 Jan 2020 02:29:22 +0000 Editor Release


 Scott County High School students are making a number of great achievements in and out of the classroom. Recently, varied groups of students performed with great success, representing the school with pride. 


  The Kentucky State Beta Convention, a conference held for the high achieving students of Beta Club, brought many victories to the students. These individuals won ten awards representing SCHS and have been invited to continue onto the National Beta Convention in Fort Worth, Texas. 


Neyati Patel, Erin Luckett, Reagan Oliver, and Diana Alvarado 

2nd place Marketing and Communications


Joanna McGill 

1st place Language Arts 11th grade


Alexa Dziatkowski 

3rd place Language Arts 12th grade 

5th place Jewelry


Abby Nelson 

3rd place Color Photography


Reagan Oliver 

2nd place Poetry


Allie Viney 

4th place On-Site drawing 

5th place Drawing


Diana Alvarado 

2nd place Spanish


Sophia Vetter-Ryan 

4th place mixed Media Art


Select students of Scott County High School’s Choir performed under a rigorous audition process to earn the title of Sr. High All-State Musician. It was an intense event where they worked with world-class conductors and the other top choral musicians from around the state, preparing for a concert at the Kentucky Center for the Arts.  This was a life-changing experience for many students.


Our KMEA Sr. High All-State Choir Members:

Baker, Joseph – 10th

Browning, Hannah – 12th

DeMoor, Rebecca – 12th

Eifert, Sean – 12th

Garrison, Samuel – 12th

Hadaway, Eleri – 12th

Haywood, Cooper – 10th

Hillard, Isaac – 12th

Holt, Austin – 12th

Jackson, Lukas – 11th

Johnson, Coffman – 12th

Karr, Cody – 12th

Lingerfelt, Genny – 12th


In addition, the following 9th Grade students will participate in the KMEA Jr. High All-State Choir, on February 5th and 6th. Their concert will take place on Thursday evening at the Kentucky Center for the Arts.

Ferguson, Rachel – 9th

Skibo, Charlie – 9th

Schindler, Will – 9th


SCHS Academic Team competed in the KAAC District Governor’s Cup at Frankfort High School on Saturday.  These students placed in their testing areas and will be moving on to Regionals in February.  


Griffin Tetreau

 5th Science


Tristin Black

2nd Social Studies


Joanna McGill

 2nd Language Arts


Elyza Gogol

 3rd Composition


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